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Mazda Safety Driving Technology

Lane Departure Warning System

Mazda's Lane Departure Warning System detects a risk of an unintentional lane change and delivers an auditory warning, enhancing safety and giving you an extra eye on the road.

Mazda's LDW System uses a camera on the windshield to detect white and yellow lines, as well as paved and non-paved shoulders. If an unintentional lane change is detected, a warning is sounded on the appropriate side of the car, allowing you to steer back into the proper lane. If the LDW System detects an intentional lane change, such as when the turn signal light has been engaged, there is no warning.
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Smart City Brake Support

Mazda's Smart City Brake Support system automatically stops or reduces the speed of a car when there is a risk of a collision while driving at low speeds in the city or in slow traffic.

Mazda's SCBS system prevents collisions when cars are travelling at speeds between 4 and 30 km/h (2 to 18 mph). When closing in on a vehicle or object ahead, a laser sensor on the windshield will automatically slow or stop the car with no brake operation by the driver, avoiding a collision or reducing damage. If the driver fails to perform any operation to avoid a collision, such as applying the brake, SCBC automatically activates the brakes ad reduces the engine output at the same time.