5 Road Trip Tips for a Smoother Summer Drive

June 24 2019,

5 Road Trip Tips for a Smoother Summer Drive


With summer just around the corner, there’s no better way to kick off the sunny weather than by experiencing the fun of driving and taking a road trip to your favourite destinations with the best people. A road trip will make you feel alive! We know that however fun road trips may be, there are also parts of it that make you question why you chose to go on one in the first place! That’s why we have 5 tips to make the whole process easier for you, from packing all the way to keeping the little ones entertained in the car, we hope to make your experience easier.  

Tip 1: Research

It’s always important to do your research beforehand to minimize the occurrence of an unexpected situation. Research where to take rest stops, restaurant locations and what the weather will be like when you arrive so you can pack strategically.

There’s nothing worse than finding out you forgot something when you’re already hours away from home. A few smart things to pack on every trip include:

1. Small cash – you never know when you’ll need coins for parking! To make it even easier for you the Mazda CX-5 has a coin box so they’re within reach at all times

2. Water bottles – constantly buying water can add up, bring a water bottle and fill it up every morning instead

Tip 2: Accommodate Children  

If you have younger passengers in the car, there are ways to making their lives more enjoyable and yours a lot easier.

Come up with fun games to pass the time faster – Check out this blog post for easy tips on how to keep the little ones entertained throughout the ride.

Tip 3: Charging is Key

Make sure all your electronics are fully charged the night before so you can leave for your trip with a fully charged phone. That way, if anything unexpected happens you’ll have your phone easily accessible. If you forget to charge your phone though, don’t worry, the Mazda CX-3 has a 12-volt power outlet there for your convenience. Just bring your charging cable!

Tip 4: Roof Racks go a Long Way

For small cars where storage is limited, a roof rack is an easy solution to freeing up more space while packing more. Not only that, but another advantage of roof racks is that you can easily see out your back window while driving. Ask our parts advisors if your vehicle can be fitted for a roof rack during your next appointment.

Tip 5: Driving Matters – Be Ready for the Road

Get your car checked out at Destination Mazda Service so you can have peace of mind during your trip – you never know when something unexpected may occur. Make sure to keep your car maintained by visiting our location!

We hope that these tips helped make your life easier on the road! Make sure you follow Destination Mazda on our Instagram account and Facebook page for more tips like these. Happy summer and happy road tripping!

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